Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Suppose you're starting a new organization or intending to expand an existing one. In either case, you're going to require your Human Resource division to oversee work smoothly and avail global recruitment services. That is precisely where our recruitment process outsourcing services come in. At R2R Consults, we act as a global recruiter and assist associations through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service. International recruitment agencies tend to be on a costlier end. This arrangement permits organizations to employ exceptionally gifted enrolment specialists at a fixed rate, bringing about better quality hires as well as more noteworthy recruiting effectiveness at lower costs. Technologically advanced systems enable us to make quality hires, assert local governance and complete the overall process in the expected time frame with satisfying results. The measurable benefits include delivering strong ROI with cost-effective and impactful solutions using decades of experience at scale. The brand perceptions measured on Glassdoor can be improved as compared with other firms without outplacements.

Our recruitment services are of mainly three types


Short-term management of the end-to-end recruitment process when setting up new projects, locations or divisions.

In the case of hiring ramp-up, project-based help business scales up and delivers within the given time frame.

Duration Max: 3 Months


Management of select distinct recruitment processes within the organisation.

Address any current challenge an organisation is facing in specific areas of the recruitment process and the same is outsourced to the RPO expert.

E.g. Interview scheduling

End To End

End to End Management right from sourcing to onboarding.

Complete outsourcing of Recruitment Process to the Experts.

Duration Min: 6 Months+

Our digitally enabled recruitment journey enables employees and clients in a systematic step-by-step process:

Our services serve many benefits:

1. Seamless Experience
  • Help our clients with a hassle-free onboarding experience across platforms at their convenience.
2. Reduce Onboarding Cost
  • Help our clients with a hassle-free onboarding experience across platforms at their convenience.
3. Decrease Onboarding Time
  • Reduce 90% of onboarding time by automating processes and collecting information in intuitively designed forms.
4. Reduce Processing Errors
  • Reduce up to 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies.
Get ready to witness the R2R Edge:
  • 1. Achieve greater cost savings
  • 2. Experience efficient quality hiring process
  • 3. Reduce your time invested to hire
  • 4. Benefit your business with our scalable model
  • 5. Experience our expertise in talent pooling
  • 6. We are fully optimized with the automated process
  • 7. We provide in-depth analytics and reporting
  • 8. We’re experts at enhanced stakeholder management
  • 9. Our service reduces the need for direct advertising
  • 10. We create an enhanced employer branding
  • 11. Avail of our specialized indirect marketing services


  • How will an RPO solution benefit my company?

    Scalability and Flexibility: This refers to our ability to increase or decrease the number of recruiters we deploy to a client depending on their recruitment volumes. As the recruitment volumes increase, we grow the number of recruiters deployed. As the recruitment volumes decrease, we deploy the recruiters to other solutions we manage, thereby reducing the cost for the client.

    Reduced Time-to-Hire: Measured from the date we receive the new role to the time when a candidate accepts a job offer. We typically reduce the time it takes to recruit a new hire by 30- 50%. Hiring good people faster and reducing downtime can substantially help productivity. Cost Reduction: The amount of cost reduction will depend on what recruitment model the client has used in the past and what type of new model they are implementing. If a client has solely relied on recruitment agencies in the past to fill all roles, then cost savings can be in the 30-50% range on a cost-per-hire basis. Clients moving from an in-house model to an outsourced model may not save as much, but they will achieve other benefits (i.e. reduced time-to-fill, scalability and flexibility, increased quality of hire).

    Quality of Hire: Hudson RPO has proprietary processes and assessment tools that ensure the optimal fit between the role, person and organizational culture. We start by creating a comprehensive job and person brief, we find talent from a wide range of sources (internal employees, employee referrals, internet, job boards, networks etc.), and we conduct behavioural interviews, psych testing and reference checks to assess candidate fit and make the offer on behalf of the client. We also stand behind the quality of hires we place through offering extended guarantee periods for the period of the placement. This means if the person leaves within this period, we will replace them free of charge.

    More transparency around recruitment via enhanced reporting: Hudson RPO will ensure the right technology and processes are deployed to provide the organization with highly comprehensive reports on total recruitment activity, making it far easier to understand what is happening, what is working/not working and how things can be improved.

  • What’s the difference between recruitment process outsourcing and using a recruitment company?

    Where recruitment and staffing agencies focus on sourcing candidates, RPO providers design and deliver across the full recruitment process. From workforce planning right through to onboarding and retention, an RPO will work as a direct extension to your existing in-house recruitment team.

    Your RPO should recommend, implement and run the latest in talent acquisition technology. Support you to develop optimised processes for things like taking in requirements from hiring managers, supporting your business in making informed decisions on assessing candidates and ensuring everything is ready for your new hires on day one.

    More often than not an RPO provider will have some staff onsite in your offices. They’ll have people operating on your systems and kit, with company email addresses, so they truly embed and embody your culture.

  • How do your RPO pricing models work?

    We have three basic models:

    1. Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and cost of recruiters allocated to your business

    2. Fee per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the candidate

    3. Combined management fee, plus a reduced placement fee

  • Do we as the client retain control of the ultimate selection decision?

    Yes, we find and shortlist suitable candidates, but the client retains control of the hiring decision.

  • Do we get a say in which recruiters work on our behalf?

    Yes, typically our clients co-interview shortlisted potential recruiters with us to ensure they have both the technical competency and culture fit required to recruit effectively for the organization.

  • How does your RPO team ensure a great candidate experience?

    Creating a great candidate experience is important to us, too. We understand that finding a new position can be a very stressful undertaking for candidates, and we want to leave them with a positive, stress-free impression, regardless of whether they are hired. At R2R, we call this humanization. Throughout the recruitment process, our recruiters are regularly in touch with candidates to retain their interest in the opportunity. Building strong relationships with candidates is key to ensuring that they are excited, educated, and engaged with our clients as employers of choice.

  • What technology do you recommend?

    We are technology agnostic, meaning while we have experience with a range of different technologies we are not wedded to any one technology. We can work with your chosen technology, or help you choose the right technology, to suit your individual circumstances (i.e. hiring volumes, budget, geographical spread and language requirements etc).